George Lawrence Gun Belt #15 & Flap Side Holster #14 SCD 515

Model: VGL-25215

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This is a fantastic George Lawrence Company #15 Gun Belt & #14 SCD 515 Flap Side Holster in 95% New Condition showing no signs of wear. This awesome George Lawrence Company Set is made of premium Saddle Skirting Leather the #15 Gun Belt has a 2 North & Judd Buckle and the #14 SCD 515 Flap Side Holster is fully chamois lined with a site guard. According to The George Lawrence Company holster fit code the #515 designates this holster to fit a Colt Woodsman Match Target with a 6 barrel for the right hand shooter. Also the #14 Flap Side Holster has the following accessories as distinguished by the SCD after the model number the S = Site Guard, C = Chamois Lining and D = Black Leather Color. The Gun Belt measures from 33 at the smallest setting up to 36 at the largest setting with 5 individual billet hole settings. The Gun Belt #15 has the older Football Shaped George Lawrence Company maker mark logo and the #14 holster has the standard and last George Lawrence Company maker mark logo used between the late 1940s and the mid 1980s.

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