R.J. Andrew Company History

San Angelo, Texas 1909 - 1936

In 1868, Robert James Andrew was born in Summer, South Carolina and by the time he was 20 years old in 1888, he was a proficient Saddle Maker and married at 19 years old to Kate Bassonette, who was 15 years old. The apprenticeship R. J. Andrew served was worked at the Coleman Maddux Saddlery & Harness Company. In 1891, R. J. Andrew was sent to San Angelo, Texas to open and manage a shop The Coleman Maddux Saddlery & Harness Company bought from Mose Taylor already operating in San Angelo, Texas. In 1903, the shop in San Angelo, Texas was sold to a businessman Bernie (B. C.) Alexander who had no saddle making experience. Robert James Andrew continued managing and operating the shop until 1909. It was in 1909 that R. J. Andrew purchased the San Angelo, Texas shop from B. C. Alexander and over the next 27 years the R. J. Andrew Saddlery existed until 1936 when R. J. Andrew died. The Shop was sold shortly thereafter to long time employee Saddle Maker Robert E. Donaho, who also managed the shop through the illness of R. J. Andrew.

R.J. Andrew makers mark