Arizona Saddlery Company History

Arizona Saddlery 1917-1936
Phoenix, Arizona 1908-1909
Prescott, Arizona 1917-1936

The Arizona Saddlery of Prescott, Arizona is only a part of the career of Frank Olzer, whom many regarded as one of the finest, if not the finest, saddle maker(s) of his time. Frank Olzer started his career as a leather worker and saddle maker in approximately either 1908 in Gillette, Wyoming or many believe he started 10 years earlier in 1898 in Gillette, Wyoming. It is unclear at what point Frank Olzer moved to Prescott, Arizona from Gillette, Wyoming but it is known that he bought the Arizona Saddlery from J. S. Calles in 1917. Frank Olzer owned and operated the Arizona Saddlery until the closure of the saddlery in 1936. After the Arizona Saddlery closed Frank Olzer went on to work independently for a number of years further perfecting his mastery of saddle making. Years later Frank Olzer was working for the Carl Carlock Saddle Company and in their 50th Catalog (1940s) there was an article about Frank Olzer which refers to him as the finest saddle maker in the west since 1898. It was this article which created doubt as to the time in which Frank Olzer starting his saddle making career.

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