Barret and Jacky Company History

Alder Gulch, Montana 1875 - 1877 (A. H. Barret)
Pony, Montana 1877 - 1878 (A. H. Barret)
Butte & Anaconda & Phillipsburg, Montana 1878 - 1897 (Barret & Jacky)
Dillon & Butte Montana 1899 - 1902 (A. H. Barret as Silent Partner)

This company history is really more of a History of A. H. Barret, whose birth name is Anthony Hundley Barret born on January 25, 1834 in the City of Litchfield within Grayson County in the State of Kentucky. His Parents were Augustus M. Barret born in Greensburg, Kentucky May 8, 1804 and Mary J. Cunningham a native of Grayson County, Kentucky. His mother passed away in 1837. There were three children of this marriage. William L. Barret, whom was killed at the Battle of Mansfield or otherwise known as the Battle of Sabine Crossroads or lastly Pleasant Grove. He was a Confederate Soldier. Anthony H. Barret and a younger sister born in 1837. She passed away as a baby in 1838, approximately 1 year after Mary Cunningham Barret. Anthony H. Barret's father was Clerk of the Circuit Court for 30 years and in 3 locations, Anthony's grandfather Francis Barret was a Baptist Minister whose father was Anthony's Great-Grandfather was a Presbyterian Minister who had immigrated to Virginia from Wales South Hampton, England sometime in the later 1700s.

Anthony H. Barret was raised in his native Kentucky and received a better education through private schools and access to what educational tools were available on the East Coast at that period versus having been in the west where things were scarce at that time. Also, while attending to his studies, he was an apprentice in a Saddle & Harness Shop at the age of 11, which was the year 1845. He maintained his work until 1849. Anthony resigned his position at the Saddle & Harness Shop to move to Marshall, Texas where he worked as a Sales Clerk until 1852, when he took a position as a traveling salesman for a Wholesale Drug Company. Anthony worked as a traveling salesman for 1 year and in 1853, he moved to Shreveport, Louisiana and he remained in Shreveport for 1 year until 1856, when he moved to Sedalia, Missouri near his Father whom had been ill and Anthony was helping to settle his Father's Estate. After moving to Sedalia Anthony's Father, Augustus M. Barret, died in Sedalia where he had been working as a clerk in the District Court in Sedalia, Missouri for approximately 5 years. Anthony H. Barret started a business in St. Louis dealing in Men's Clothing Apparel and Furnishings and during the Legislative Sessions, he would work as a clerk in the Lower House of Legislature in Missouri until the outbreak of the Civil War. At the beginning of the Civil War sometime in 1861, Anthony H. Barret started developing some health issues which are still unclear but documented and he was forced to sell his Men's Apparel Business due to lack of business and take work with another company as a Sales Clerk, where he maintained his position until early in 1864, just 1 year prior the Civil War coming to an end on May 13, 1865.

In 1865, probably around Spring, Anthony H. Barret was relocating again due to health reasons, his failing health was becoming a hindrance. Therefore, he decided to go out west to The Montana Territory. By way of crossing the plains through Fort Kearney, Laramie Plains, Bridger's Cutoff and Soda Springs and, amazingly without incident, with Indians, he arrived in Alder Gulch where he then went into placer mining, which by definition is mining for precious metals in this case and did this for 1 year unsuccessfully due to lack of water. So he sold the mining rights. In March of 1866, Anthony H. Barret was appointed Private Secretary to General Thomas Francis Meagher "The Irish General" who then died July 6, 1866, drowned near Fort Benton on the Missouri River near present day Great Falls, Montana. In July of 1866, Anthony H. Barret went to work as Assistant Auditor under John Ming of the Territory. Anthony also acted as clerk of Indian Affairs. While performing his duties as mentioned, Anthony H. Barret also served as a Clerk for the Lower House of Territorial Legislature for the Montana Territory - a post he maintained every legislative session from 1865 through 1877. In March of 1867, one year after his appointment as Clerk of Indian Affairs, he was appointed Special Indian Agent for the Jocko Reservation just outside of what is now Missoula Montana. One year later in 1868, Anthony H. Barret moved to Radersburg, Montana, approximately 30 miles Southeast of Helena, Montana, the capitol city and there he opened a grocery store, which he operated for 6 years. Also during this time, he served as Justice of the Peace for Deer Lodge, Madison and Jefferson Counties.

Then in 1875, Anthony H. Barret opened his first Saddlery & Harness Shop in Alder Gulch, Montana, after closing his grocery store and moving back to Alder Gulch. It was 2 years later, in 1877, the Saddle Shop was moved from Alder Gulch to Pony, Montana and again in 1878, relocated to Butte, Montana where on April 8, 1878 he opened his shop on Granite Street in Butte City. It was 1 year later in 1879, that Anthony H. Barret went into partnership with Christian Jacky, forming the Barret & Jacky Company and 1 year after that, in 1880, they built their first brick building to house all the Saddles, Harness Equipment and Carriages, also Leather & Dry Goods sold at the three locations they grew to have at the Barret & Jacky Company. The two partners have expanded the company and within a short period, they had branches of Barret & Jacky in Butte, Anaconda and Phillipsburg Montana and the company was thriving selling the same line of Saddlery, Harness & Carriages Leather & Dry Goods, expanding constantly on the products Anthony started with in 1875. Also in 1880, on November 9, Anthony H. Barret was married to Miss Elizabeth A. Brooke of Morgantown, Virginia. They were married in Helena, Montana at the Episcopal Church by Rev. Maylan N. Gilbert. The married couple adopted a young girl from Kentucky named Marie and they maintain a home in Helena, Montana, although Anthony H. Barret travels extensively through Montana. The Barret & Jacky Company existed until approximately 1896 and by this time, they were not only selling Saddlery Harness and Carriages as one of the largest in Montana, but they were invested in Real Estate and Placer Mining.

It was in 1896, that Anthony H. Barret bought Christian Jacky out of the business, although he continued operations for just over 1 year, then sold the business in 1898. Missing the business 1 year later in 1899, Anthony became a silent working partner in a Saddle Shop with branches in Dillon & Butte, Montana. Also on June 7, 1899 Anthony H. Barret was chosen Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Montana, having reached the level of Mason of the 33rd Degree the highest level achievable in the Order. In 1900, chosen by the residents of Montana State, Anthony H. Barret, a devout Democratic supporter, became the Montana State Treasurer in the November 1900 elections and served in office from 1901 to 1905 as the State Treasurer of Montana.

On a trip to Baltimore, Maryland to see doctors due to the failing health of Elizabeth Brooke Barret, she was unable to make the journey home and passed away on July 17, 1903 in Baltimore. Elizabeth Brooke Barret maintains a legacy of being one of the only women to have crossed the Great Plains to come from the East Coast to Montana, which was a journey most men would have failed to endure. Elizabeth Brooke Barret was a member of The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, where she maintained the position of Regent of Oro Fino Chapter for the Helena, Montana branch of that order.

Having not gone into the Saddlery and Harness business, although staying active in his clubs, orders and family, the rest of Anthony H. Barret's history is very difficult to follow and I will add more as I can obtain it. Anthony H. Barret, born January 25, 1834 and died in 1918, is buried at Forestvale Cemetery in Helena, Montana. I am unsure of the date as that is how difficult the history on this man is to find after his Political Service ended in 1905.

A.H. Barret
Elizabeth Barret