Charles E. Collins History
Chas. E. Collins

Globe, Arizona 1914 - 1936
1941 - 1956
Prescott, Arizona 1936 - 1941

In 1879 Charles E. Collins was born in Madison County Texas and at the early age of 15 years old he moved to Arizona. A true ranging cowboy, Charles E. Collins worked at approximately 15 to 25 different saddleries throughout his career and many of these were the top saddleries of the west. After ranging for many years Charles E. Collins settled in Globe, Arizona where he owned and operated a shop for 22 years before moving to Prescott, Arizona. While in Globe, Arizona Charles E. Collins was gaining a reputation as not only a fine saddle maker but as a bit of an old west historian who seemingly knew great details of information on the events of the old west. It was during this time that Charles Eugene Collins made many contributions to works of art as well as literary works written by his long time friend and confidant Zane Grey, in fact at some point Collins owned the land where Zane Grey's famous cabin stands near Payson, Arizona. The shop Collins opened in Prescott was only open for a couple of years before he moved back to Globe, Arizona and settled down for good his shop remained open until 1956 he was 77 years old. It is believed that for a short time Charles E. Collins had a saddle shop in Mayer, Arizona although I have found no documentation to verify this fact. On May 22, 1962 Charles E. Collins passed away and after having his impressions left in many varied art forms he is truly one of the more obscure but fascinating Cowboy’s of the American West.

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