Dave Shelly Saddle Shop History

Dave Shelly was born January 25, 1868, with much of his early life applying the trade of Cowboy while learning the trade of saddle making. It was in 1908 that Dave Shelly and his wife, Cora, opened a Saddlery in Cody, Wyoming after Dave Shelly had become a famous self-made Saddle Maker applying his trade in various Saddle and Harness Shops. Dave Shelly was noted for having designed and made the famous Cody Stock Saddle and Dave Shelly supplied many famous Cowboys between 1908 and 1941 with his Saddles, Buckskin Clothing, Chaps, Gun Leather and Boots. In 1941, Dave Shelly died at the age of 73 years old while still actively working making saddles and running his Saddle Business. After a few years, Dave's wife, Cora, sold the shop in 1945 and later, she passed away in 1955.

Dave Shelly makers mark