Duhamel Company History

Rapid City, South Dakota 1897 - 1940s

In all actuality the Duhamel Company started as a Hardware Business in Rapid City, South Dakota in approximately 1854 and the Company has operated in Rapid City, South Dakota today. It was around the turn of the century that the Duhamel Company changed gears and went into Saddle Manufacturing and by World War I, The Duhamel Company was considered the largest single manufacturer in the country. During World War II, it was actually Helen Duhamel bought a minority stock interest in the only radio station in Western South Dakota.

The Duhamel Company entered into broadcasting when Helen Duhamel bought out the other stockholders of KOTA in 1953 to prevent Rapid City's only radio station from being sold to an out-of-state owner. In 1955, Helen Duhamel & The Duhamel Company built the first television station in Western South Dakota, and over the next two decades added the three satellite stations that provide television service to a large viewing area. The Duhamel Company still operates today in the Rapid City, South Dakota area still going strong 150 plus years later.

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