Edward Brothers Saddlery Company History

Saratoga, Wyoming 1909 - 1923

The Edwards Brothers were originally from the mid west possibly Iowa State to settle in Greely, Colorado sometime in the late 1880s or early 1890s. By 1897 the family had moved again from Greely, Colorado to Saratoga, Wyoming where the family bought and operated a farm. The oldest of the 3 Edwards Brothers was Warren, then Walter, and George. Warren opened the Edwards Brothers Saddlery in late 1909. Although there is no real record of the Brothers Walter or George actually working at the Saddlery, the business was named Edwards Brothers Saddlery and the makers mark Warren used stamped Edwards Brothers Saratoga, Wyoming. It noted that the Brothers Walter and George continued to farm in the area and they may have worked with Warren as help - this is unknown. The Edwards Brothers Saddlery items are extremely rare due to the short life of the business, less than 15 years total operating time.

Edward Brothers Company makers mark Edward Brothers Saddlery Company makers mark