E. Goettlich Saddlery & Harness Shop History

Miles City, Montanta

Sometime around the Civil War, Ernest Goettlich was born in Long Island, New York and as a young man he moved to Booneville, Indiana. After serving an apprenticeship in a Saddlery & Harness Shop in Booneville, Indiana, Ernest Goettlich moved to Helena, Montana where he continued working as a saddle maker for A. J. Davidson, and later in Bozeman, Montana working for Frank Estler.

By late 1880, young Ernest Goettlich had taken on a partner and opened a Saddlery in Miles City, Montana, but shortly thereafter in 1881, the partnership was dissolved and Ernest Goettlich continued working the Saddlery under his own name as sole owner. In 1885, Ernest Goettlich sold his Saddlery to Al Furstnow, who made the Saddlery the famous Miles City Saddlery that it was to become later, and Ernest Goettlich moved to Livingston, Montana where he continued to make saddles until 1889 when a fire destroyed his shop.

In 1885, Ernest Goettlich moved back to Helena, Montana where he worked once again as a saddle maker for various saddle shops until he purchased the shop of William Mann and named it the Helena Saddlery & Tent Company. Until 1937, Ernest Goettlich continued to own and operate the Helena Saddlery & Tent Company. Then shortly before his death, Ernest sold the Helena Saddlery & Tent Company to L. G. DeVore, and the business still operates today as the DeVore Saddlery.

Ernest Goettlich Miles City MT makers mark