Company Histories and Makers Marks: T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z

This section has been developed to help you better Identify those rare pieces of our history produced by Saddleries or Leather Product Manufacturers that have survived into our modern times. This site specializes in leather goods and equipment of the Old West through the mid 20th Century approximately 1970s. It was by this time that most of the main stay Old West Saddlery and Leather Manufacturing Companies started to disappear from the cultural landscape of the United States. By the 1970s, 90% of the century old Saddleries and Leather Product Manufacturers had either gone out of business or been bought out and absorbed into other industries.

Saddle making, gun leather making etc. - these industries did a complete turn around, and by 1980, like in 1880, small saddle makers were back producing the professional grade saddles and gun leather and most mass production saddle companies and gun leather companies went out of the United States to have these products made. The large Saddleries and Gun Leather Manufacturers like H. H. Heiser, S. D. Myres, Fred Mueller, The George Lawrence Company and Keyston Brothers these are just a few of the companies that built this country quite literally, these were the early companies that moved our country from the East Coast to the West Coast.

We have assembled these Company Histories from Catalogs, Books and Company Documentation that has survived until today.

R.F. Tackaberry Company makers mark
R.F. Tackaberry Co.
W.R. Thompson Company makers mark
W.R. Thompson Co.
Monroe Veach Company makers mark
Monroe Veach Co.
Van Voorhies Company makers mark
Van Voorhies Co

Visalia Stock Company makers mark
Visalia Stock Co.
Von Lengerke makers mark
V L & A Chicago
D.E. Walker makers mark
D.E. Walker
L. White Saddlery makers mark
L. White Saddlery

Percy Wilkerson Saddlery makers mark
Percy A. Wilkerson
A.J. Williamson Saddlery makers mark
A.J. Williamson
George C. Wilson makers mark
George C. Wilson
Wroe Saddlery makers mark
Wroe Saddlery