The Mehlbach Saddle Company History

Newark, New Jersey & New York City, New York 1874 - 1913

The Original concept and development of the Whitman Saddle was by R. E. Whitman a retired U. S. Army Colonel whom in 1874 started R. E. Whitman, U. S. A. (RETIRED) and by early 1875 the Company was renamed R. E. Whitman & Company. In 1881, R. E. Whitman & Company was sold to William C. C. Mehlbach who was the acting treasurer of the company at the time of the sale, which also included the rights to reproducing the very popular Whitman Saddle & the Whitman Saddle Trademark.

Over the next 15 years, William C. C. Mehlbach improved upon the Company in every facet of operation and by 1896, Mehlbach took on a partner, Mr. Buck, and this partnership lasted only until 1901 when William C. C. Mehlbach became sole owner of the Mehlbach Saddle Company again. In 1913, William C. C. Mehlbach sold the Company with all its Licenses and Trademarks to The Perkins Campbell Company of New York City, New York and Cincinnati, Ohio. They maintained producing the Whitman Saddle through the 1920s.

Mehlbach Saddler makers mark