Charles E. Coggshall - Miles City Saddlery

In 1895, Charles E. Coggshall bought the saddlery of Hugh Moran, of The famous Moran Brothers Saddlery. The Moran Brothers Saddle Shop was believed to be the first saddle shop in Miles City, MT, started around 1878 or 1879, and in 1895, Charles E. Coggshall took over ownership of the Saddlery. In 1897, Charles E. Coggshall went into partnership with Al Furstnow, although by the turn of the century, the partnership had ended with each man maintaining their own saddlery in Miles City.

By 1909, Charles E. Coggshall Incorporated to form the Miles City Saddlery with 3 other partners: Bert Coleman was President, Charles E. Coggshall was a silent Vice President, Clem Kathmann was the Superintendent, and Frank J. Jelinek as the Treasurer and Secretary. It was from that time that the oval makers mark read "The Miles City Saddlery Makers of the Original Coggshall Saddle" which was a Three Quarter Rigged Montana Saddle.

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