Moran Brothers Saddlery
Miles City, Montana 1879 - 1895

Thomas and Hugh Moran were both accomplished saddle makers and leather workers when they opened their shop Moran Bros. Saddlery in Miles City, Montana in approximately 1879. It is believed that the Moran Brothers Saddlery was the first Saddlery in Miles City, Montana, and the saddlery was well established with a reputation for producing functional and reliable saddles and tack for the working cowboys ranging the west. By 1895 when the Moran bothers sold the business to Charles E. Coggshall.

The Moran Brothers Saddlery produced Saddles, Tack, Chaps, Gun Leather and a host of other items needed by the working Cowboys of the late 1800s and this solidified the Moran Brothers place in history with Montana being of prime Cowboy Country in that time. To this day the Moran Brothers Saddles and other items are prized by collectors and museums alike around the world.

Moran Saddlery makers mark Moran Saddlery makers mark
Moran Saddlery makers mark