Newton Brothers Saddle and Harness Company History

1900s - 1950s
William (Bill) Newton 1877 - 1939
Isaac (Ike) Newton 1879 - Unknown
Vernal, Utah

The Newton Brothers Saddlery & Harness Company was one part of a very productive group of businesses owned and operated by Isaac (Ike) Newton and his brother William (Bill) Newton. William Newton was a very unique individual with respect to the fact that he was a Blind Leather Worker, who was among the first students to attend the Utah State School for the Blind located in Ogden, Utah. It is unclear at this time whether William Newton was born blind or if it was an effect of something that happened during his childhood. In the training William Newton received at the Utah State School for the Blind, he was taught leather work, focusing on boot and shoe making and repair.

The Newton Brothers Saddlery & Harness Company was first expanded Oct 8, 1909. The Newton Brothers purchased the machinery and equipment of the Uintah Harness Company. It was over the coming years that the Newton Brothers businesses expanded and included the manufacturing of Saddle Trees, Cinches, Harness Tack, Saddles as well as Shoes and Boots. By the 1920s through the later 1930s, the Newton Brothers Saddlery & Harness Company was employing about 15 People working in Saddle and Tack Manufacturing and Custom Boot and Shoe making and repair.

William Newton was primarily involved in the Shoe Business and it is said that when he would have to hammer tacks into boots or shoes he would place his finger on the top of the tack swing at his finger and pull his finger away before the hammer struck it. There are also stories about William Newton and his ability to be able to identify individual people by name simply by hearing their footsteps when they would walk across the wooden floors in his shop. In 1939, William Newton passed away and I have not been able to find any information on what transpired with Isaac Newton after that time; although the Newton Brothers Saddlery and Harness Company existed into the 1950s.

William and Issac Newton
William and Isaac Newton - early 1920s

William Newton 1877-1939
William Newton (1877-1939) Working at his Workshop - 1930s

Newton Brothers employee and building
William & Isaac Newton (Center) with Saddle Makers at Newton Brothers Saddlery & Harness Company Building early 1920s

Newton Brothers - inside shot Dec 1911
Inside Newton Brothers Saddlery & Harness Company - December 1911

Newton Brothers - inside shot 1930s
Inside Cinch Making part of shop - 9 Cinch makers with Isaac and William Newton seated - 1930s

Newton Brothers Manufacturing Facility - 1930s
Newton Brothers Manufacturing Facility where they produced Saddle Trees, Tack, Boots and Shoes - 1930s

Newton Brothers Makers Mark
Newton Brothers Makers Mark