A. D. Seitzler and Company History

Silver City, New Mexico 1914 - 1929

In the turn of the Century, New Mexico, the country, was still rugged and untamed with a large cowboy community as well as a large outlaw community. A. D. Seitzler was a saddler with a reputation for making good sound saddles and harness equipment the mines at the time were still transporting equipment and supplies by pack horse. With his reputation gaining popularity, A. D. Seitzler was soon servicing a large following of Law Enforcement as well as Bandits and Raiders with high quality gun leather. The Bandits were stealing payrolls from the various mining operations in the Silver City, New Mexico vicinity and Law Enforcement and Border Patrol were pursuing them. Over the years, the need for A. D. Seitzler saddles and gun leather became more and more obsolete with the gaining popularity of the Truck, Automobile and the changing environment for firearms. By 1929, the same time as the Great Depression, A. D. Seitzler closed his shop in Silver City, NM and the future for A. D. Seitzler was unclear after that time.

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