O.J. Snyder Saddlery Company History

Denver, Colorado 1899 - 1930

The O. J. Snyder Saddlery of Denver, Colorado was considered among the finest Saddleries of the time from the turn of the century until the depression era within the circle of working Cowboys. O. J. Snyder had a Saddlery at 1535 Larimer Street in Denver, Colorado, which at the time Denver already had the H. H. Heiser Saddlery, The Colorado Saddlery, The Fred Mueller Saddlery and The Denver Dry Goods Company (Powder River Brand). This is simply to name a few local premiere Saddleries. In this extremely competitive market, the O. J. Snyder Saddlery was regarded as the finest for the working Cowboy because of the fact that O. J. Snyder was a much smaller saddlery then the others and Saddles were custom fitted to a Cowboy's needs.

The O. J. Snyder Saddlery supplied the working Cowboy with a full line of Saddles, Tack, Gun Leather, Chaps and anything else a Cowboy may need crafted from leather. To this day, although, O. J. Snyder is far less renown then his competitors his leather goods a prized by collectors World Wide for their quality and beauty.

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