Stelzner & McDonald Saddlery & Harness History

It was in 1866 that Edward Stelzner was born in Couberg, Germany and he immigrated to the United States and he moved to Pickway, Ohio. After approximately 1 year in the United States, Edward Stelzner moved to Wyoming at the request of his Brother-in-law John Weisbrodt who had a homestead in Red Canyon, Wyoming. After his trip across the country, Edward Stelzner arrived in Wyoming at his Brother-in-laws with $3 left in his pocket.

Upon settling and homesteading, Edward Stelzner ranched and farmed his property, as was required with all homesteaders, and by 1897 he moved to just outside of Lander, Wyoming. There is still a road named "Dutch Ed Lane" named for Edward Stelzner and the road remains today just a couple miles outside of Lander, Wyoming. By late 1914, Edward Stelzner had purchased the Saddle Shop of John Buckley and named the shop Stelzner & McDonald. But by December of 1915, the shop was renamed Stelzner & Company.

After 1 year as Stelzner & McDonald and 1 year as Stelzner & Company, Edward Stelzner sold his Saddlery Company to William Crump on December 16, 1916 and the Saddlery was renamed W. L. Vaughn & Son as it was named 10 years earlier in 1907. In 1939, Edward Stelzner or "Dutch Ed" had passed away after a long battle with illness, but he had left his mark on both the saddle-making business in Lander, Wyoming and he made his personal impact as well.

Stelzner and McDonald Makers Mark

circa 1905 building with Buckley, Stelzner and McDonald