Marcus Stern / Fred M. Stern Company History

San Jose, CA 1854 - 1930

Marcus Stern moved to San Jose in 1852 and founded his business two years later. Marcus Stern built a great reputation throughout the San Jose, CA region as a premiere Saddler and Harness maker in early California. Marcus Stern diligently ran the Saddlery until the late 1800s when he passed the business on to his Fred M. Stern. It was Fred M. Stren, who was more interested in religion and Civic Position then running a saddlery, and Fred M. Stern eventually went on to become involved in the City Council and the County Board of Supervisors. Fred M. Stern had a son named Harold Stern who was a businessman all the way and when he inherited the business from his Father, Fred M. Stern, who was less then pleased with the condition of the Company and the Balance Sheet. This situation arose from things like "People would come into the store, and Fred would just write down their name and tell them to pay later. But he wouldn't always know who they were, so he would write things like, 'the man in the gray hat' ".

When he died, there were all sorts of debts, and they didn't know who to collect them from. The business continued to thrive well into the 1930s. Known as the oldest in the west, the company did well on this history and producing premiere quality saddlery products.

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Stern makers mark

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