R F Tackaberry History

R F Tackaberry 1850s - 1880s
Mrs. R F Tackaberry 1885

Robert F. Tackaberry was one of the early pioneering Texans to open a saddle shop in Fort Worth, Texas as early as the 1850s. Very little history is available about R F Tackaberry, although the quality of his work is reflected in the fact that a few of his pieces still exist today in collections and museums. It is an unusual occurrence in the 1800s, but for a short time in 1885, Mrs. Robert F. Tackaberry operated and worked the saddlery. It is unknown if there was some relation to this and the shooting and death of a W. B. Tackaberry in Arlington, Texas that same year. It is noted that in 2003 at a Moline, Illinois Auction, an R F Tackaberry Gun Belt & Holster Rig sold for a record $24,000 and the set was dated to approximately 1877. This record was held for almost 5 years until in 2007 an S B Severs of Muskogee, Oklahoma Indian Territories Gun Belt & Holster Rig sold for $27,500.00 at a Rock Island, Illinois Auction.

Tackaberry makers mark