W. R. Thompson Company History

In the later part of the 1800s William R. Thompson was a very famous saddle maker, and designer whose designs were used by many saddle makers throughout the west. In 1847 William R. Thompson was born, and while a young teen, he started learning saddle making and working as a saddle maker in various Saddleries as a younger adult. One of W. R. Thompson's saddle designs was the White River Saddle Tree, which he designed later in his career. In 1888, W. R. Thompson had his own Saddlery in Rifle, Colorado and he worked this Saddlery until his death in 1908. Although W. R. Thompson died in 1908, his Company continued to operate until 1941, the Company ended when the last owner E. C. Webb died.

WR Thompson makers mark WR Thompson makers mark