Victor Ario Saddlery Company History

It was in 1891 that Victor Ario immigrated to the United States from Austria, and moved to Great Falls, MT. When Victor Ario arrived in Great Falls, MT he went to work for J. B. Steffen and Tom Moreland where he worked as a saddle maker applying the trade he had learned in Austria from his Father. By 1903, Victor Ario was sole owner of the Victor Ario Saddlery Company which over the coming years led to big success, also Victor Ario taught his son, Keith Ario, saddle making. In the mid to late 1940s, Keith was partnered with 2 saddle makers who had apprenticed with his Father. The men were Earl Haggerty and Orlando Oakland and that partnership lasted until 1957 when Keith Ario sold his share of the business to the other partners.


Ario Saddlery Sun makers mark 1)  The "Sun" mark

Ario Saddlery Moom makers mark 2)  The "Moon" mark