Monroe Veach - Veach Saddle Company History

Monroe Veach was born just prior to the turn of the century in Trenton, Missouri 1896 and resided in Trenton throughout his career and life. Monroe Veach was close to 20 years old when he entered into the Army to fight in World War I, and hoping to join the Calvary as most cowboys would. To the surprise of Monroe he was assigned to work in the Harness and Saddle Repair Shop at Fort Riley, Kansas where he learned his trade as a master saddle maker. At the end of World War I in 1919 Monroe Veach moved back home to Trenton and married Alta Brown also in 1919 he opened a small Harness and Saddle shop on his Father's farm.

While working in his shop a man named Orren Wilson stopped in and needed a saddle, although Monroe possessed the talents to make the saddle he had no money for the materials so the two men made a deal that Wilson would buy the materials and pay Veach to build the saddle. Many years later a man brought a saddle in for repair and it was that original first saddle made for Orren Wilson, Monroe Veach traded to get that first saddle back for a new saddle of their choice at the time. In the early 1920s, Monroe Veach worked as a Trick Roper for Foghorn Clancy's Rodeo at times and while doing this he learned of the great need for Trick Saddles and this became his first niche market which propelled him to fame as a master saddle maker. By 1938, Monroe Veach moved his operations to a larger facility to accommodate the growing number of saddles he had to produce to meet this growing need.

In the 1940s, Champion Steer Roper Fred Lowry won a Monroe Veach Roping Saddle in Nowata, OK and immediately Lowry felt that the Veach saddle was as close to the ideal roping saddle as he has ever seen or used. Fred Lowry contacted Monroe Veach and suggested a couple of modifications and the two men designed "The Fred Lowry Roper" which became the most popular roper saddle of the 1940s and 1950s and further cementing Monroe Veach as a Master Saddle Maker. Monroe Veach passed away on Christmas Day 1986 at 90 years old and all 6 of his children at some time worked in the family business which is still owned and operated by the Veach Family in Trenton, MO.

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