A A Van Voorhees Voorhies and Company History

The A. A. Van Voorhees Voorhies & Company was established in Sacramento California in 1850 starting as one of the many West Coast Makers of the Pony Express Saddles used to ride back East. The growing market in the Sacramento area was perfect and with the gold rush of 1849 this soon led to the thriving success of the A. A. Van Voorhees Voorhies & Company. As horse and cattle Ranches were soon growing around the Sacramento area throughout the latter half of the 1800s the A. A. Van Voorhees Voorhies & Company thrived in Sacramento until the 1920s. It was in 1920 the Company took on a partner and was known from that time on as The Van Voorhees Voorhies-Phinney Company and they continued making Saddles under the Vanco name and mark which continued until the 1940s, when the company closed.

Van Voorhies makers mark Van Vorhies makers mark