L. White Saddlery Company History

Fort Worth, Texas

The L. White Saddlery was started in Fort Worth, Texas around the time of the Mexican Revolution by L. White, who was born in Fort Worth in 1886. It is thought that early in the development of L. White Saddlery he was supplying the U. S. Calvary or Army 8th Brigade out of Fort Bliss, Texas under Black Jack Pershing during the American entry in Mexico trailing Poncho Villa around 1914. It was in the early 1950s L. White passed away after a long and successful career as a saddle maker in Fort Worth, Texas and his son Louis White took over the operations of the shop until his death in 1969. In 1972 the L. White Saddlery was closed for good by Alverne White, the widow of the late Louis White.

L White Saddlery makers mark

L White Saddlery Company makers mark

White makers mark on a saddle