Percy A. Wilkerson Company History

Buffalo, Wyoming and Gillette, Wyoming 1890 - 1920

Born 1871 in Illinois, Percy A. Wilkerson started on his saddle making career very early in life serving his first saddlery apprenticeship in Buffalo, Wyoming in 1885 at the ripe old age of 14 years old. Between the years of 1885 and 1930, Percy A. Wilkerson lived between both Buffalo and Gillette Wyoming and by the turn of the century, he was operating his own saddleries in both places. By 1919, it is said that Percy A. Wilkerson closed his saddleries to get into the lucrative Soda Business and by 1920, he was selling boot-leg liquor through several speak-easies he owned in Buffalo, Wyoming. By the 1930s, Percy A. Wilkerson was living in Phoenix, Arizona and making saddles again, reportedly, for N. Porter for a short while. Percy A. Wilkerson died in 1941 in Phoenix, Arizona leaving the legacy of a very interesting life and diverse career from Cowboy to Outlaw.

Percy Wilkerson makers mark

P A Wilkerson makers mark