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A recently received letter ...

Dear Mr. Skier,

Your Website info is so vastly informative that I thought you might have known about the 'Ed Paul Saddlery Co.', even though it was in the East, in Brooklyn, N.Y.

My friend, whom is now deceased, gave me some info on Ed Paul, though I am interested in Western Lore, I did not get a chance to obtain more info on Mr. Paul other than of the person, his business, his whereabouts and whom he made special orders for. All I found is, Mr. Paul is no longer in business and that's about it so far. My friend, Eugene Underwood, belonged to a fast draw gun club, back in the 1950's to 1960's, while he lived in Brooklyn at the time.

Your Website is really informative, enjoyable and the items for sale are fantastic, as well, as the items that are for display especially that most are original. You and your staff have done an extensive amount of research on your items and their origins, that's why I asked if you knew of Ed Paul, even though he was not listed on your Website.

The information on your site is like a college course on "American History" of the Native Americans, MIssonarys, Pioneers, Settlers, Miners, U.S. Calvery and of the Old Western Frontier, also of their equipment, life styles and survival battles of life and the elements.

I commend you and your staff for your an enjoyable and informative Website.

I thank you for your reply.

Ralph J. Lambiase Sr.

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