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About VGL

Image of a rifle was originally started in 2004 by Kevin Haney in Maryland and the site was maintained more as an interest and hobby more than as a viable business venture. In August 2007 was purchased outright by, Inc. and now VGL was on the road to being established as the premiere online resource for Vintage Gun Leather and the information about Vintage Gun Leather and the Saddle Makers that made it. At VGL we specialize in all old west leather goods with an emphasis on Gun Leather from Saddle Makers like Hermann H. Heiser Saddle Company, S. D. Myres Saddle Company, Edward H. Bohlin Saddle Maker to the stars, George Lawrence Company, Eubanks Leather Company, Al Furstnow Saddle Company, Miles City Saddlery ( Coggshall ) and many others.

The reasons for bringing to the World Wide Web are many, but the biggest reason was to furnish the finest gun leather available for collectors of old guns as well as shooters of old guns. Putting that turn of the 20th century gun in a 21st century holster is like dressing your grandfather in bikini swim trunks IT JUST DOESN’T FIT!!!!  So was developed to give us that continuous source of fine old gun leather that our fine old guns deserve.

The Skier Family have been SASS members for years and Deputy Dave Skier #62753, Malibu Mike Skier #62710, Margarita Rose Skier #62711 invite you to join us and all our shooting enthusiast friends to enjoy this website and all the information, and products we bring to you for your enjoyment.

Thank you Again,

The Skier Family

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