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  • R.T. Frazier Custom Shoulder Holster

R.T. Frazier Custom Shoulder Holster

Model: VGL-22222

In this item, we at Vintage Gun Leather have the rare opportunity to offer you, what I feel, is the finest shoulder holster I have ever seen, from one of the American Old West premiere Saddleries. When we first acquired this extremely rare R. T. Frazier Shoulder Holster at Auction, the leather was incredible. The condition of the leather was more than we could have expected. The only weak point in this R. T. Frazier Shoulder Holster, was the original cotton stitching which the leather ate away since 1890 1905 also the chrome tanned leather liner on the back of the rig gave way with the stitching. After obtaining the necessary materials to restore this ONE of a KIND CUSTOM R. T. Frazier Shoulder Holster to her original glory, we removed the clip and holster from the backing, taking great precaution to save and reuse the original rivets used 104 to 120 years ago. The Holster, lining and clip are unaltered and 100% original also all hardware and rivets are original. The R. T. Frazier Shoulder Harness had lost 50% or more of the stitching along the edges as the original cotton stitching was gone. We replaced all of this edge stitching with nylon stitching to insure the longevity of this piece into the distant future. This edge stitching held a back Chrome Tanned Liner which protected your shirt from the acidic nature of the unlined leather back. Also on the front side of the harness, just behind where the holster attaches to the harness, we replaced the Chrome Tanned Leather in that position due to extensive wear. Lastly in our Restoration process we added a new cross strap and leather ties replicated from the original to insure keeping the integrity of this Phenomenal and Rare Antique from the R. T. Frazier Saddlery.

This Custom One of a Kind Shoulder Holster was made by the R. T. Frazier Company from Premium Heavy Skirting Leather Roll, Stamped, and Hand Tooled into an artistic work in Leather, even the contour of the holster required a custom harness for this beauty. Made between 1890 and 1905, the R. T. Frazier Saddlery made this Custom Shoulder Holster for the Right Hand Shooter to accommodate a Webley MK I, MK II, MK IV, which were probably more widely used revolvers then the Colt Single or Double Actions. This Beautiful Rig is not only a rarity because of what it is a 104 to 120 Year Old Antique, but I truly believe it to be a One of a Kind. I have never seen anything like it before and I would not be surprised to not see another again. In Closing, this Shoulder Holster does have the correct maker mark a Triangle with F in the center and R. T. Frazier Pueblo Colorado around the outside edges of the triangle this particular mark is consistent to the product marked and the period used.

We are including with this R. T. Frazier Museum Quality Shoulder Holster a NON FIRING REPLICA of the orignal WebleyMKIV Top Break Revolver with a 5" Barrel Length.

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