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  • Keystone Bros Stove Pipe Batwing Chaps

Keystone Bros Stove Pipe Batwing Chaps

Model: VGL-44030

Here we have a rare opportunity to offer a beautifully made pair of Keyston Brothers Stove Pipe Batwing Chaps in 80% New Condition. These are a fantastic pair of Stove Pipe Batwing Chaps made from top grain cowhide with all the original Conchos, Buckles & Clips without any repairs and everything functions perfectly.

The only wear really showing on these chaps are at the knees on both legs as these were a working pair of Ranch Chaps worn by the Woman who owned a Horse & Cattle Ranch in Wyoming in the 1940s through the 1960s. The Inseam on these awesome Keyston Brothers Stove Pipe Batwing Chaps measures 31 with a measurement from the waist line top to the leg bottom of 37 a very usable and average size for Chaps.

The Waist on these Keyston Brothers Batwing Chaps adjusts from 28 at the smallest setting on the billet up to 33 at the largest setting on the billet this can be adjust slightly smaller or larger from the drawstring on the back of the Chaps. As you can see by the pictures these are a very collectible and usable pair of Chaps especially for any Women participating in SASS or Equivalent Re-enactment Group.

It is the rare opportunity for someone to own a pair of Stove Pipe Batwing Chaps that are properly marked with the Keyston Brothers maker mark from the 1940s through the 1970s these great chaps come from a top rate Leather Company that has been around since 1868.

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