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  • S. D. Myres Company Catalog 1944 - 1945

S. D. Myres Company Catalog 1944 - 1945

Model: VGL-3334
Here is a beautiful catalog from the S. D. Myres Company with the original addressed envelope. The S. D. Myres Company Catalog is in 99% New Condition !!! The envelope is in 65% New Condition with only a tear along the crease to the envelope closure flap. This Beautiful S. D. Myres Comapny Catalog is 28 Pages from 1944 -1945, the Black & White photographs display the incredible workmanship produced by the S. D. Myers Company leather carvers. This S. D. Myres Company Catalog is from just following the World War II, actually the S.D. Myres Company produced the Tooled Gun Belt & Holsters worn by General George Patton with his Pearl Handled Colt Six Shooters. The S. D. Myres Saddle Company was a not only a great Old West Saddle Making Company they were well known for their extremely high quality Holsters & Gun Belts. This awesome 28 Page catalog is a collection of products available from S. D. Myres Holsters, Scabbards, Gun Belts & Accessories. This catalog aslo includes the original order form post card.

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