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  • RT Frazier Custom Leather 24” to 30” Rifle Sling

RT Frazier Custom Leather 24” to 30” Rifle Sling

Model: VGL-44050

In this item we have a very rare opportunity to offer a Custom Made R. T. Frazier Saddlery Company Border Tooled Rifle Sling in 95% New Condition although we did have to replace the strap side because of irreparable damage to the original Leather Strap. We have added a new chrome Leather strap which better for a rifle sling due to the flexibility of Chrome Tanned Leather the original strap was made of Skirting Leather and had to be discarded due to extensive damage to the skirting leather strap.

The overall Length of this awesome rifle sling is 30 inchesat the largest settings and the sling will adjust to 24 inchesat the smallest settings on this Rifle Sling. The R. T. Frazier Pueblo, Colo. Rectangular Maker Mark is located on the Billet Tip of this Custom Rifle Sling in which the Billet Strap and the Shoulder Rest are both Border Tooled, but we could not match that tooling on the replacement strap. T

his is a truly rare find and I could not locate a Rifle Sling like this in any of my 4 R. T. Frazier Saddlery Company Catalogs it must have been a Custom Made item if it could not be ordered Mail Order. All of the original brass hardware clips, and 1 Brass Roller Buckle are original to this R. T. Frazier Custom Rifle Sling the brass Chicago screws on the replacement strap are new. It is very hard to date this Custom Rifle Sling although all I can say is it was made between 1898 and 1948, which is the time the R. T. Frazier Saddlery of Pueblo, Colo. operated.

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