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  • The Wyatt Earp Revolver

The Wyatt Earp Revolver

Model: CA-804

This unique .44 caliber Schofield is believed by some to be the the only known surviving gun from the West's most famous gunfight: The O.K. Corral.

This elaborately engraved non-firing reproduction is sheathed in nickel plate and carries a rugged elegance befitting a professional gambler and gunfighter of the Western Frontier. A master engraver has painstakingly matched every fine line and flourish of the this polished, nickel-plated, antique replica gun's unique scrollwork on the barrel, cylinder, hammer, frame, backstrap and triggerguard.

With the hammer at half-cock, you can break the gun open to reload, just as they did in the old days. Thumb up the hatch, swing the frame down on its hinge, and the shell-extractor glides out from the cylinder retracting again when the gun is fully open. The 8-inches long barrel worked to the advantage of a marksman, dampening muzzle kick and enhancing accuracy. For fast reloads, the entire frame swings down, revealing all six chambers.

Details overlooked in other replicas are not missed in this re-creation, such as a tiny notch in front of the trigger, a subtle short gauge on the barrel, and a missing screw on the butt plate, all are exactly according to the original. Overall Length - 13 1/2-inches.

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