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  • U.S. Volcanic Repeating Pistol

U.S. Volcanic Repeating Pistol

Model: CA-8749G
These pistols were made either in .31 or .41 caliber models. Depending on the caliber and barrel length, capacity ranged from 6-10 rounds. The rounds were stored in a tubular shaped magazine beneath the barrel. This pistol represents an early attempt at a more advanced cartridge loading firing systems. Its advantages included a rapid rate of fire and water-proof ammunition. The "Rocket Ball" ammunition, however, did carry enough stopping power to be considered for military or serious hunting use. This replica gun brings an antique feel with its gray finish, engraved receiver and wood grips..Length: 15.0", Weight: 2.9 lbs.

NOTE: Non-firing Replica Guns and Models should be used ONLY in the home as scale model displays or as collector's items, or for theatrical or training purposes. They should ALWAYS be used under the supervision of a responsible adult. They should NEVER be carried on the street, pointed at anyone, hidden on your person, or left carelessly in your car. DO NOT leave them where they are accessible to unsupervised children or irresponsible adults. The carrying, handling or brandishing in public of any model that resembles a real weapon may be in violation of the law, may create undue apprehension on the part of law enforcement officers or other persons, and could result in INJURY to the person handling the model.

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