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  • George Lawrence Company Ankle Holster #89 542

George Lawrence Company Ankle Holster #89 542

Model: VGL-GL89542

The George LawrenceCompany


Ankle Holster #89 542


 This item we areoffering is a George Lawrence Company model #89 542 Ankle Holster in (NOS) NewOld Stock 99% New and Unused Condition showing no wear. The George Lawrence Company made this awesome#89 Ankle Holster from Black Medium Weight Strap Leather including the entiresheath which is sewn onto an elastic Ankle Wrap.


 The No. 89 Ankle Holster is Described in the George LawrenceCompany Catalog #125 as follows:


 Extrawide elastic with adjustable Velcro fastener holds gun firmly in place on ankle


  Minimum bulk holster is cut from medium weightstrap leather with a closed end for smooth contour


 Exposedtrigger and thumb release safety strap for a quick, easy draw


  Designed for small frame revolvers and smallor medium frame automatics


  Black Leather finish


  Plain Leather design only


 This model #89Ankle Holster was made to carry a Smith & Wesson Military and Police(Standard or Airweight) Revolver with a 2" Barrel Length for a Right HandShooter. This #542 can be referenced bythe Lawrence Gun fit codes and the #542 below the holster model number islisted as the above mentioned Smith & Wesson Revolvers . 


 The model #89 AnkleHolster entered into the George Lawrence Holster Product Line in the late 1970sor early 1980s, I can find the holster in Lawrence Leather Catalog #125 fromthe mid 1980s but not in Catalog #110 from the early 1970s. This #89 Ankle Holster is properly markedwith The George Lawrence Company Portland, Oregon maker mark Cartouche consistentwith the time it was made between the early 1970s through the late 1980s.

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