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  • George Lawrence Company Challenger Side Holster #1C 589

George Lawrence Company Challenger Side Holster #1C 589

Model: VGL-GL1C589-B25JF

George Lawrence Company


Challenger Side Holster #1C 589


 Here we are offering a George LawrenceCompany Challenger Side Holster #1C 589 in 99% New Condition showing no signsof wear. This beauty appears completelyunused and as with most holsters in the George Lawrence Company this holster ismade from premium medium weight skirting leather. The letter designations on this Lawrence CompanySide Holster are C which equates to the Challenger Series Design leatherholsters. 

 The numbers refer to the modelof holster #1 C Designates Challenger Series and the holster fit number #589denotes this holster is made to carry a Beretta 950 Jetfire .25 ACP with a 23/8 barrel length. This awesome #1CChallenger Side Holster has the standard George Lawrence Company PortlandOregon maker mark logo cartouche which dates this Side Holster from the mid1940s to the late 1980s.

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