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  • George Lawrence Company "Hanson's by Lawrence" IWB Holster #H-1007 590

George Lawrence Company "Hanson's by Lawrence" IWB Holster #H-1007 590

Model: VGL-GLH1007-590

TheGeorge Lawrence Company

"Hanson'sby Lawrence"

IWBHolster #H-1007 590

 This item we are offering is a GeorgeLawrence Company "Hanson's by Lawrence" #H-1007 IWB Holster in 98%unused New Condition this holster is considered (NOS) New Old Stock.  This "Hanson's by Lawrence" Holsterwas a line of modern Tactical Holster Designs produced by The George LawrenceCompany. This Hanson's IWB Holster ismade from Roughout Leather and this was one of the Public Favorites of the "Hanson'sby Lawrence" Product Line. TheGeorge Lawrence Company started some additional product lines to add to theirown in the 1970s and 1980s all of these lines were called the "PhoenixSeries".

 The "PHOENIX SERIES" ofProducts consisted of "HANSON'S HOLSTERS" by Lawrencewhich consisted primarily of Holsters and Duty Equipment, "ORCA"by Lawrence Products which were primarily made of (Heavy Web Laminate) Kydexand included all types of Holsters and Accessories, "TACTICAL EDGE" whichwas a line of Products "Designed for Law Enforcement & Made for LawEnforcement" mostly tactical and Competition Holsters & Accessories.


 This awesome Hanson's by Lawrence IWB HolsterH-1007 590 was made to carry the Beretta .22 Plinker with a 3 5/16" BarrelLength / Beretta .22 Jaguar with a 3 1/2" Barrel Length or any of thefollowing  Smith & Wesson models 39 / 59 / 439 / 459/ 539 / 559 Pistol for the Right Hand Shooter. The Hanson's Holsters by Lawrence were only available in the later 1970sthrough the 1980s when The George Lawrence Company closed their operations inPortland, Oregon for good.

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