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  • George Lawrence Company Belt Side Holster #3209 92F

George Lawrence Company Belt Side Holster #3209 92F

Model: VGL-GL3209-92F

The George LawrenceCompany


Belt Side Holster#3209 92F


 This item we areoffering is a George Lawrence Company model #3209 92F in 99% New Condition(NOS) New Old Stock in unused condition. This George Lawrence Company model #3209 92F Belt Side Holster was a newholster in the Lawrence Product Line when they finally closed in 1990, I havesearched catalogs through 1985 and cannot find this model number within thosecatalogs. I believe The George LawrenceCompany model #3209 is the exact same holster as the Lawrence model #39 with 3major differences which are as follows:


 An Open Toe Sheath Design


 Split Expansion Sheath Design for widthvariations in the Beretta 92 Semi Automatic Pistols


 This George LawrenceCompany model #3209 Belt Side Holster is made from a Medium Weight Top GrainLeather which also comes completely suede lined on the inner Holster Sheathwhich is an open toe design. The GeorgeLawrence Company made this model #3209 92F Belt Side Holster to carry a Beretta92F Semi Automatic Pistol for the Right Hand Shooter. 


 The Safety Strap isa Thumb Break Hammer Safety Design with a Metal stiffening tab to add rigidityto the thumb break and the snap has a Nickel Snap Cover. We know the Beretta 92 Series Semi AutomaticPistols have been in service since 1972 so the window of production for thisholster would have to be between 1972 through 1990 when the George LawrenceCompany ceased operations. This possiblyone of a kind model #3209 92F Belt Side Holster is properly marked with TheGeorge Lawrence Company maker mark Cartouche consistent with the time it wouldhave been produced.

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