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  • Lawrence Single Loop Side Holster #222 XCTRS 502

Lawrence Single Loop Side Holster #222 XCTRS 502

Model: VGL-44025

This item are offering is The George Lawrence Company model #222X CTRS Single Loop Side Holster in 85% New Condition showing light wear throughout and loaded with extras as the model number shows. This fantastic model #222 XCTRS Comes with all of the following extras which are denoted in the model number X= Left Hand, C= Chamois Lining, T= Leg Thong, R= Hammer Thong and the S= Site Guard although the original Hammer Thong is missing this is easily replaced.

The George Lawrence Company made this model #222 XCTRS Single Loop Side Holster from Premium Heavyweight Skirting Leather and it comes with a Heavy Stainless Steel Buckle to secure the Single Sheath Loop. The back of this model #222 Side Holster is also marked with #502 which is The George Lawrence gun(s) reference number which shows this holster was made to carry any of the following revolvers including the Colt Officers Match, Colt .357 Magnum, Colt Python, Colt Trooper with a 6 Barrel Length for the Left Hand Shooter.

This #222 Single Loop Side Holster is properly marked with The George Lawrence Company Portland, Oregon maker mark Cartouche which would date this holster from the mid 1940s through the mid 1980s.

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