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  • George Lawrence Company Single Loop Side Holster #122 9 4

George Lawrence Company Single Loop Side Holster #122 9 4

Model: VGL-GL12294

The George LawrenceCompany


Single Loop Side Holster#122 9 4


 This item we areoffering is a George Lawrence Company Single Loop Side Holster #122 9 4 in 95%New Condition showing minimal wear with nothing noticeable to mention. The George Lawrence Company made this awesome#122 9 4 Side Holster from Premium Heavyweight Saddle Skirting Leather andoffers the original flawless Rawhide Laced Sheath Loop. The number breakdown for this holster is asfollows with the #122 Referencing the model number of the holster thenumber 9 refers to the gun group and the 4 references that the guns fromgroup 9 with a 4" BarrelLength. 

 TheGeorge Lawrence Company lists the following Revolvers from Group 9 will fitthis fabulous #122 Belt Side Holster including the Colt .32 / .38 PolicePositive Special, Harrington & Richardson models 922 / 925 / 999 also theHammerless and Premier models, Smith & Wesson models .22 / .32 Kit Gun /.38 Regulation Police any or all of the above will work with a 4" BarrelLength for a Left Hand Shooter. Thisawesome #122 9 4 Belt Side Holster is properly marked with The George LawrenceCompany maker mark cartouche which would date this holster between the mid1940s and the mid 1980s.

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