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  • Hermann Heiser-Keyston Sportsman Field Side Holster B-6

Hermann Heiser-Keyston Sportsman Field Side Holster B-6

Model: VGL-25120
Herewe are offering a Hermann H. Heiser Field Side Holster model "B" in 75%New Condition showing signs of normal to heavy wear throughout with allwear even. The Heiser-Keyston Company made the Sportsman line frommedium grade skirting leather with this holster also offering a quickrelease belt loop and 2 brown enamel over brass embossed Heiser Denversafety strap snap covers. The Heiser-Keyston Company made thisbeautiful model B side Holster to fit the following Automatic Pistolsas designated by the number 6 stamped on the back of the holster. Thepistols in Group 6 include Hi Standard models Field King, Flite King,Olympic, Sport King, Supermatic or Duramatic with a 6 " barrel for theright hand shooter. This model B-6 Side Holster is marked with thestandard oval H. H. Heiser Denver Colorado maker mark logo we cannarrow the window on this holster from 1955 to 1960.

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