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  • Hermann Heiser Side Holster #419

Hermann Heiser Side Holster #419

Model: VGL-24070
Herewe are offering a Hermann H. Heiser #419 Side Holster in 90% NewCondition showing some surface scuffing but the holster seems as it islike new. The Heiser Denver and Triple H Logo safety strap snap coverlooks perfect with the black enamel completely unworn and the brassshines brightly through the enamel outline, and the rawhide edge is assmooth as silk completely unworn. The surface scuffing appears tosimply be from moving this holster around over the last 85 to 100years. This awesome #419 Side Holster was made by the H. H. HeiserCompany from premium saddle skirting leather and a reinforced HandWrapped Rawhide welt with a closed toe. The H. H. Heiser Company madethis #419 Side Holster to accommodate a Smith & Wesson K FrameRevolver with a 6" barrel length for the right hand shooter. This is anincredible and lasting tribute to the early workmanship and qualityprovided by H. H. Heiser holsters, and this holster is marked with themakers mark used from approximately 1910 through 1919 and distributedthrough approximately 1925. The Heiser Denver Bars and Triple H Oval isthe mark most sought after as a collectible due to its availability andaffordability but as time goes on they are becoming increasinglydifficult to find considering the short term of the use of this mark1910 1925.

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