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  • George Lawrence Drop Loop Gun Belt #50B, Side Holster #130LBSCTD

George Lawrence Drop Loop Gun Belt #50B, Side Holster #130LBSCTD

Model: VGL-11200


The GeorgeLawrence Company

Drop Loop Gun Belt #50 B

Side Holster 130LBSCTD


Herewe are offering a George Lawrence Company Drop Loop Gun Belt & Holster in90% New Condition showing only draw stains in the holster chamois lining.This would have been considered among the high rigs available from the GeorgeLawrence Company with almost every option available for the holster as you cansee by the part number on the holster. This complete George LawrenceCompany Drop Loop Gun Belt & Holster are made from premium saddle skirtingleather black and tooled with a beautiful basket weave design.

TheDrop Loop Gun Belt #50 B was the George Lawrence Company top of the line DropLoop with the B in the number designating Basket weave designed leather.This Drop Loop Gun Belt measures 41 to the center hole on the belt strap andadjusts from 39 at the smallest setting up to 43 at the largest settingalthough the belt is marked 40, also the belt has 30 individual 22 caliberbullet loops all tight and intact.

Theholster for this Drop Loop Gun Belt is made to fit a Ruger Bearcat with a 4barrel as specified by the #580 in the part number and it is made for the righthand shooter. The holster is a model #130 Jock Strap Side Holsterthe L in the part number specifies Black thong lacing along the welt edge andtoe, the B specifies the leather is basket weave design, the S specifies thesite guard in the holster, the C specifies the Chamois lining throughout theinside of the holster, the T specifies the leg tie down which the original isincluded and finally the D specifies the holster is black in color. Alsoon the jock strap for this holster has the initials N A in the same toolingpattern as the rest of the rig.

TheDrop Loop Gun Belt has the earlier football shaped George Lawrence CompanyPortland maker mark logo dating it from the 1920s through the late 1940s whilethe Holster has the standard George Lawrence Company Portland Oregon maker marklogo dating it from the late 1940s to the 1980s. The set was probablyfrom the late 1940s or early 1950s when the makers marks would have overlappedin usage as stock was used then remade.

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