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  • COWS Combination Back / Saddle Shotgun Coach Scabbard

COWS Combination Back / Saddle Shotgun Coach Scabbard

Model: VGL-3003COACH

The term "Coach gun" was coined in 1858 when Wells, Fargo Company began regular stagecoach service from Missiourito California and issued shotguns to its drivers for defense along the perilous 2,800 mile route. Doc Holliday used a 10 gauge coach gun to shoot Tom McLaury point-blank in the chest with buckshot during the Gunfight at the OK Corral in Tombstone, Arizona, on Wednesday, October 26, 1881

This Classics Of the Old WestCowboy Back / Saddle Coach Shotgun Scabbard is in 99% brand new and unused condition. The Westen Cowboy Back / Saddle Coach Shotgun Scabbard ismade of top grain leather and is available in a richplain brown leather.This Fantastic Combination Back / Saddle Scabbard comes complete with a toe plug made to hold a double barrel shotgun in an upright position and hasa fully adjustable leather shoulder sling and saddle strapping. This is a great scabbard for carrying your carbine, lever action, shotgun / coach gun with up to 20" barrel lengths. You can use this Combination Back / Saddle Coach Shotgun Scabbard whether your are hiking, hunting,horseback or buggy riding. If you would like more than one of these handsome Coach Gun Scabbards please call our toll free number 1-888-653-8723 for more info or to purchase any additional onesyou might need.

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