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Issac Newton was my great-grandfather. His daughter, Nila, is my grandmother.

I have a pair of boots that were crafted for her and matched her new saddle. The saddle was stolen years ago and never recovered. I treasure her boots. I also have a silver saddle ring that was either made by someone in the shop or was sold in the shop. It is kind of a fun keepsake too.

Thank you for the information on Ike and Bill. It is fun to see pictures of things I have heard stories about.

Robyn Johnson

After Googling names of saddle makers, I came across your web page. I am sooo impressed with the content of your web page. Being able to look up saddle makers and reading about them is just great. My compliments to you and I hope I will be able to purchase something "old" in the near future.

I just think your site is worth a big thumbs up. Great Job!

Georgina Miller of McKenna, Washington


I was looking for some info on SD Myres ... I found more than I'd hoped for on your site! I wasted a good hour just browsing through your site and I had to fire off an email to thank you for hosting such a great website!

Websites are almost a requirement for business owners these days, but the extra content like individual maker histories, maker stamps, firearm manual links, etc., sets your website above the pack!

Congratulations and continued success to you!

John Moran - Stronghold Saddlery
Bellvue, CO

I just read the history of E.L. Gallatin on your website and found it extremely interesting.

My grandfather was T.E. Meanea of T.E. Meanea & CO. Saddle Tree Factory. I never knew much of E.L. Gallatin and never thought I would ever be able to read the book that he wrote. I thank you for making it possible to download the book, I can't wait to read it in it's entirety.

My father's name was Forrest A. Meanea and was always proud to have the same initials as Frank. If he was out visiting establishments that had Meanea saddles, he would say "Hi, I'm F.A. Meanea". We would travel Wyoming and Colorado looking for anything we could find on the saddles. We visited with Dr. Palen and Bob Nelson in Cheyenne. They both had extensive collections of Meanea items. Bob Nelson is the one who re-opened the saddle shop, and really none of the family had anything to do with the business. Bob Nelson had a catalogue printed and my dad and two uncles helped him promote the opening.

I found it very interesting that Francis Gallup started out as jeweler. My father was a jeweler and was in the business of over 50 years. He had one of the best reputations in Denver for doing excellent work.

Thanks again for all the information you have on E.L. Gallatin. I truly enjoyed reading it.

C. Meanea

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